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The Origin of Title ‘Moses’ (Mose Wa Lero) in Malawi’s Politics.

It is well known that Prof. Bingu Mutharika during his tenure of office as a Head of State of the Republic of Malawi, was given a title ‘Moses’ (Mose) drawn from the Biblical Moses. Renowned musician Joseph Nkasa also composed a song with a title track ‘Mose wa lero’ to support the view that Prof. Bingu Mutharika was a saviour to Malawians likened to the character of Biblical Moses.

But little may many know that long before Prof. Bingu Mutharika, the title ‘Moses’ (Mose wa lero) had been accorded to then then Life President of the Republic of Malawi Dr. Banda.

Below is an excerpt of a speech delivered in Parliament by a legislator for Kasungu (North) Hon. K.N. Banda on 27th July 1976. In his remarks, Hon. K.N. Banda explained that Dr. Banda’s character and conduct could be likened to that of Biblical Moses according to him hence deserving the title ‘Moses’ (Mose):

The Ngwazi is a true leader who could be compared to Moses. In fact, Mr Speaker, Sir, if you take Moses, you take Kamuzu, no difference…Moses (Interjection: Yes, you have read the Bible!) …was about to be killed, but instead of being killed, he was brought up in the houses of the Pharoah.

Then later on, he went to the wilderness for forty years and later on he was given the job of liberating the Israelites from the yoke of the Egyptians, t he king of the Egyptians.

Now here is the Ngwazi who left the country at a very young age for South Africa and he stayed in South Africa, stayed in America and stayed in England with the people who can be compared as pharaohs of Egypt. He stayed there and after some time, he left London, went to Ghana.

Ghana is the wilderness which could be referred as Moses having gone to and later on the Ngwazi had to come back to free the people of this country from the yoke of imperialism that existed in this country.

So the two leaders are similar in everything and therefore the women of this country are justified when they sing happily that we have crossed our Jordan. (Interjection by Mrs Sadyalunda: Lets sing then!) (Interjection: Hear! Hear!) (Applause).


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