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WATCH: A highlight of Mwanza War Video Documentary

Military hardware which was used by the ‘rebels’ during the Mwanza war

A highlight of the Mwanza War Video documentary coming out soon, can now be watched by clicking here.

This video clip of about 12 minutes long, was beamed for the first time during the seminar on Cabinet Crisis of 1964 and Mwanza War of October 1967 which took place in Zomba on the 13th October 2018.
The Mwanza ‘war’ broke out in October 1967 in Malawi’s Southern district of Mwanza (about 300 km from capital city of Lilongwe) between Malawi’ security forces on one front and an armed group of 17 under the umbrella of Ufulu Umodzi Malawi Party (UUMA) led by Malawi’s former Home Affairs Minister Yatuta Chisiza on the opposite front.
It was during this ‘war’ that Yatuta Chisiza and his lieutenant Lutengano Mwahimba were shot dead while 5 of their compatriots escaped successfully to Zambia as one committed suicide when 9 had been captured alive, later tried at the high and supreme courts in Blantyre, hanged (except one among them who became a state witness) and finally buried in unmarked graves in Zomba in 1969.

Throughout Dr. Banda regime and up to now, the accounts of the October 1967 Mwanza ‘war’ have been discussed with a bias towards the official narrative given by the one party state of Dr. Banda.

This video documentary is therefore an attempt to give the most accurate narration of this ‘war’ and illustrate its significance to the history of Malawi particularly the struggle for democracy and human rights.

The main character in this video documentary is Mr. Frank Jiya the only surviving combatant among the 17 ‘rebel’ fighters who invaded the country to wage the war against Malawi’s security forces 51 years ago.

Click here to watch this video clip as a highlight of what to expect in the video documentary coming out soon.

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