History Of Malawi

Frank Jiya’sTestimonies on Malawi’s Unsang heroes

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As Malawi commemorates its matyres this month of March, Frank Jiya shares his own insights on the unsung matyres of Malawi. Jiya was with Yatuta Chisiza and 15 others who waged a war of liberation against Dr Banda dictatorial and oppressive regime in October 1967 in Mwanza, Malawi…much has never been told about this war which Jiya highlights.
While Yatuta Chisiza and two others died during this war and 8 captured by the Malawi Army among the 17, Jiya and four others survived the war and successfully escaped to Zambia through Mozambique. He is now the only surviving member of the 17 combatants of the October 1967 insurrection.
His testimonies have been recorded as audio series currently being aired on MIJ fm radio.

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