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Seminar on cabinet crisis of 1964 held at Chancellor College on the 11th September 2021

The Seminar on Malawi’s cabinet crisis of 1964 was held on the 11th September 2021 at Chancellor College in Zomba. The keynote speaker was Prof. Happy Kayuni who gave a neutral overview of the cabinet crisis of 1964.

Conleith Selenje making his own points in defense of the dissident cabinet ministers

Thereafter, the Executive Director of Lost History Foundation, Conleith Selenje chipped in to articulate a position in support of the stance that the dissident cabinet ministers took during the cabinet crisis. This was then followed by a presentation by a historian called Rodney Tingokanyama to defended the actions that Prime Minister Dr. Kamuzu Banda took in dealing with the cabinet crisis.

After the three presentations, the audience which was dominated by students and lecturers from the University of Malawi, was given the opportunity to share their own insights and reflections on the cabinet crisis.

The presentation by Prof. Happy Kayuni can be accessed by clicking here while a record of the entire session can be watched through this link.

The event was organised by the Politics and Administrative Studies (PAS) Society and the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) of Chancellor College in collaboration with Lost History Foundation (LHF).

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