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Libation for Chilembwe and his lieutenants

On Sunday the 29th August 2021, a cultural grouping called Nzika Muliyenda held a tour to John Chilembwe’s Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) in Chiradzulo. The grouping also interacted with some relatives of John Chilembwe during the tour and presented to them assorted gifts.

John Chilembwe and family.

Before starting off in Blantyre for PIM, the grouping conducted a libation (nsembe) for Chilembwe and his lieutenants.

Joining the tour were Lost History Foundation’s Executive Director Conleith Selenje, Historian Puleni Chilikunzako, Ngoni scholars by the names of Rodney Tingokanyama and Madalitso Kaludzu as well as elders from Afrikan Spirituality (Chipembedzo cha Makolo) in Malawi.

Times TV aired part of the event on its Breakfast Show of Tuesday the 31st August 2021. You can access the video here.

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