History Of Malawi

How Dr Banda and his protege Dr Harry Bwanausi fell out.

Written by Inno Chanza.

Dr Banda and the Genesis of Corruption, Nepotism, Cronyism and picking family members to Top Govt Positions.

Dr Harry Bwanausi was a young brother of Dr Augustine Bwanausi. While he was at Blantyre Secondary School he was asked by a South African teacher what he wanted to become after secondary school.

Harry responded that he wanted to become a medical assistant. The teacher scornfully asked him why he didn’t want….. to become a “medical doctor”.Harry was given a brilliant student scholarship by the colonial govt study medicine at the Fort Hare University in the 50s.

His brother Augustine was finishing his Bachelor of Science Degree at Makerere together with Kanyama Chiume.Dr Banda liked young Harry and wanted to open a medical practice with him.

After independence in 1964, Banda made young Harry the Chief Medical Officer in Nyasaland and head of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.


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