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Ngoni Perspectives on the Petition on Local Languages

The past two weeks, concerned Malawians submitted Petitions to the Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity and the Parliament to demand the use of indigenous language (s) in Parliament to compliment English and officially recognise indigenous languages spoken in Malawi as national languages.

A copy of the Petition can be accessed on this link:

Against this background, LHF has organized a series of cultural conversations to provide space for intellectual inputs to the key issues raised in the Petitions. These Series are running virtually from the 13-19 October 2020 for 90 minutes commencing at 6 PM (Malawi Time) every day.

Series No 1 was held on Tuesday the 13th of October 2020 at 6 PM featuring two Ngoni researchers Rodney Tingokanyama and Gift Ndengu who delivered a lecture on the Ngoni perspectives on the Petition.

You can access the lecture here.

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