History Of Malawi


By Conleith Selenje

There was an Electoral Commission that managed the May 1994 elections in Malawi.

Appointed by Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, It was sworn in on 17th December 1993 by Chief Justice Richard Banda at the High Court of Malawi in Blantyre.

The commission was chaired by a lady judge, Justice Anastazia Msosa Prominent political parties had representatives in the commission as follows:

The Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) had Mr Clement Chilungulo, The Malawi Congress Party (M.C.P), was represented by Mr Christopher Kamlongera, Malawi Democratic Party (M.D.P) had Mr C. Joya, The United Democratic Front (UDF) had Mr R. Mhone and the Malawi National Democratic Party (M.N.D.P) had Mr J.M. Chipeta.

Taking Oaths of office, the members of the commission swore allegiance to the nation and swore to be faithful and to observe, defend and protect the supreme law of the land.

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