History Of Malawi

Introduction of Paying Services

Rare archival materials like this will be shared in the Paid Up group.

Lost History Foundation (LHF) was established in the year 2017 in Malawi with an aim to dig, preserve and disseminate the history of Malawi which has either been incorrectly presented, distorted or hidden for various reasons.

LHF is therefore informing all its followers and the general public that with effect from 1st November 2019, the following measures will be introduced as part of fundraising ventures towards self-sustainability of LHF:

  1. Creation of a new WhatsApp group for only those who are subscribers in good standing i.e. regularly paying a fee of MK 1000 every month. The benefits that the paid up subscribers to this WhatsApp group will be entitled to include:
  2. Rights to access or download restricted historical audios/videos/documents and other archival materials collected by LHF. Such materials will not be shared for free to any other platforms except this WhatsApp group for paid up subscribers;
  3. Invitations/tickets as special guests to activities organized by LHF such as workshops, seminars, educational trips, launching ceremonies, video documentary shooting sessions etc;
  4. Acquisition and use of official email addresses on the www.historyofmalawi.com domain;
  5. An added advantage to be considered for vacant positions within the board of Trustees or the Management of LHF;
  6. Consideration for discounted prices to purchase materials for sale by LHF.
  • Those who will not be part of the WhatsApp group for the paid up subscribers, will be able to access the restricted materials mentioned above through the website upon paying the tagged amounts online to acquire the rights to download the materials.


E-mail: p.chinguwo@historyofmalawi.com

Website: www.historyofmalawi.com

Facebook: Malawi Lost History

Twitter: History Mw     

Whatsapp: +265 888 388 044                                              

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