History Of Malawi


Part 2.

Malawians and Afrikans generally have a ‘fractured identity and a shattered consciousness.’

So, a Zulu or Ngoni having abandoned his own indigenous religion regularly goes into his conquerors’ place of worship (church or mosque) , a place where his traditions are considered heathen, barbaric, backward and uncivilised and, by consequence, he needs to be saved.

Isn’t Unkulunkulu as praised by Shaka, Dingiswayo, Cetewayo, Dingane and all great Ancestors not valid?

Religion, as defined by someone, is essentially ‘ deification of culture’.

Whose culture is being deified in such a space (church and mosque) ? Certainly not Afrikan culture.

Cultural psychologist call such an identity crisis religious schizophrenia .

Being such an Afrikan, you are struggling to reconcile two totally opposed cultural realities and you can’t be identified with either.

You are not clear who you are.

Can you imagine the Pope of Rome entering the Vatican in typically Zulu or Khosa attire?

Secondly, if you can’t be half-muslim, half-Christian, you can’t be “half-Zulu/Ngoni, half-Christian.”


This is Part 2 of a Lecture delivered by Dziwapo Chamutolo (Chairperson for Chipembedzo cha Makolo at Kabula Branch) to Malawi Lost History Whatsap group on 4th November 2018.

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