History Of Malawi

Lost History Foundation at Workshop on Freedom Road and its intersections at University of Stirling in Scotland.

Part of workshop during one of the presentations

On the 15th June 2019, the University of Stirling’s Archives and the Division of History and Politics hosted a one-day workshop called ‘Freedom Road and its intersections’ to engage on many interconnections between political activists and movements in Southern and Central Africa in the latter half of the Twentieth Century.

The Lost History Foundation was invited to prepare and deliver a presentation drawn from the video documentary on the October 1967 Mwanza War in Malawi.

At the workshop, the Lost History Foundation beamed a video documentary on some interconnections between the struggle for independence in Malawi and other countries in Africa.

The full video can be accessed by clicking here.

The audios on the presentation during the workshop delivered by Bruno Matumbi on behalf of Lost History Foundation are below:

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