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Background of KEMET forum


The ancient Egyptians themselves used to call the whole of the Nile Valley as ‘Kemet’ which literally means ‘land of the blacks.


For a long time we have been made to believe that the highest form of civilization is the ‘western,’ that this ‘western’ civilization is the independent product of ‘western’ genius, that the entire world waited in darkness until Western Europe brought the light, and that in some cases the light which Western Europe shined was too advanced for some in other parts of the world. Besides, the pages of history testify that the Greek civilization is the provenance of both the Roman Empire and modern civilization. One must therefore ask, who were the Greek scholars who profoundly contributed to the Greek civilization? Where did they go to school? How old was the subject matter which the Greek scholars learned? Actually what is it that they learned in school? Who were their teachers? How were these Greek scholars received at home when they completed their studies?


In his book entitled Stolen Legacy, Prof. George G.M. James (1954) answers these questions by elucidating that the truth of the matter is that the ancient Egyptian-African origin of much of Greek and hence other European civilizations cannot be denied.


Further to this, Prof. Breasted a leading Egyptologist says, “The ripe social and moral development of mankind in the Nile Valley (ancient Egypt) which is 3000 years older than that of the Hebrews contributed essentially to the formation of Hebrew literature. Our moral heritage therefore derives from a wider human past enormously older than the Hebrews, and it has come to us rather through the Hebrews than from them.” One Irish scholar called Reverend John Pentland Mahaffey in his book entitled Pro le Gamenca to Ancient History says, “There is indeed hardly a great or fruitful idea in the Jewish or Christian system which has no analogy in ancient Egyptian Faith.”



What is KEMET forum?


KEMET forum is a network of progressively minded Africans primarily aiming at critically discussing and disseminating the hidden, distorted, misrepresented or unspoken truth about the continent of Africa and also effectively contributing to the efforts towards robust transformation of the lives of Africans in Africa.


For many years after independence from colonial rule, Africans continue to struggle to build their nations worth of transforming the living standards of their citizenry. This has been attributed to among other factors such as lack of confidence in ourselves as Africans (inferiority complex) and wanton discarding of positive African cultural values and norms infavour of Euro-centric idealism.


However, Africa is very well resourced to bail itself from all sorts of deprivations and the current pathetic state it finds itself.


Unless we are able to answer the question: Who were we? We will not be able to answer the question: What shall we be? This complex exercise links the past to the future and speaks to the interconnection between an empowering process of restoration and the consequences or the response to the acquisition of newly restored power to create something new.


It is therefore imperative Africans at large start on a long journey of decolonising their minds. The African people need to free themselves from Euro-centric idealism and work and strive towards the rebirth of Africa and its spirit.


This is essentially what KEMET forum is all about!

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