History Of Malawi

Month: September 2021

Seminar on cabinet crisis of 1964 held at Chancellor College on the 11th September 2021

The Seminar on Malawi’s cabinet crisis of 1964 was held on the 11th September 2021 at Chancellor College in Zomba. The keynote speaker was Prof. Happy Kayuni who gave a neutral overview of the cabinet crisis of 1964. Thereafter, the Executive Director of Lost History Foundation, Conleith Selenje chipped in to articulate a position in…

The History of Inkosi Ya aMakhosi Gomani III – Willard Bvalani Gomani

By Madalitso Kaludzu Nzanani – Jele 28th August 2020 Introduction This article is about the historical of Inkosi Ya aMakhosi Gomani III – Bambo Willard Bvalani Gomani Maseko son of Zitonga Gomani Maseko whose headquarters is Ntcheu at Lizulu.  It is not about the history of Ngoni. It is not about the Ngoni language or culture, although elements, as…

Libation for Chilembwe and his lieutenants

On Sunday the 29th August 2021, a cultural grouping called Nzika Muliyenda held a tour to John Chilembwe’s Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) in Chiradzulo. The grouping also interacted with some relatives of John Chilembwe during the tour and presented to them assorted gifts. Before starting off in Blantyre for PIM, the grouping conducted a libation…