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October 2020 – History Of Malawi
History Of Malawi

Month: October 2020

It is Tonight at 6 PM

CULTURAL CONVERSATIONS ON LOCAL LANGUAGES SERIES NO. 2: THE MANG’ANJA PERSPECTIVES. Tonight at 6 PM, series No 2 of the cultural conversations on local languages features a renowned Historian *Mr. Puleni Chilikunzako* who will deliver a lecture on the Mang’anja perspectives towards the Petition on local languages that was submitted to Parliament on 6th October…


The past two weeks, concerned Malawians submitted Petitions to the Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity and the Parliament to demand the use of indigenous language (s) in Parliament to compliment English and officially recognise indigenous languages spoken in Malawi as national languages. The Petitions can be accessed on this link: Against this background,…

Petition to Parliament on Indigenous Languages.

Dear Honourable Members of Parliament; Introduce the use of indigenous language (s) in Parliament to complement English and officially recognise other indigenous languages as national languages INTRODUCTION This Petition requests you the Honourable Members of Parliament to take the necessary actions towards repairing the negative impacts of Malawi Government’s policy directive of 1968 on indigenous…