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January 2019 – History Of Malawi
History Of Malawi

Month: January 2019

Kamuzu Mystery Continues

By Dickson Mumba The Kamuzu mystery continues and promises to have a far more dramatic and intriguing ending, and for me the end to this mytery is in sight. When Jumani (MHSRIEP) first surfaced almost a decade ago many Malawians marveled at the striking resemblance to Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda, the late Ngwazi, the young…


1.       According to archival government records, Chilebwe was gunned down by three men on Wednesday the 3rd February 1915. These were: Garnet Kaduya, Private Nasulo and Sergeant Useni. All these three were fellow Africans not whites 2.       This followed the proclamation (below) published on the 27th January 1915 by a Blantyre resident…