History Of Malawi

Month: June 2015

Darfur: The forgotten Africa

By Beaton Galafa Maybe justice will dawn on sand today. The corpses, piled on piles of other corpses, rot beneath the dunes. Bones scatter unattended to in ruins of villages that once harboured life. Stains of blood got tired of stench that attracted vultures. These people are black. This is Africa. There’s a government too,…

 MOZAMBIQUE: Renamo says it will impose its provincial  governments by force

By Joseph Hanlon Renamo’s enlarged National Council meeting Thursday in Beira decided that negotiations with the government are over. Using a pair of popular Portuguese expressions, Jose Manteigas, spokesman for the meeting, said the negotiations are “em aguas de bacalhau” – meaning useless or fishing in waters that have no fish – and that the…