History Of Malawi

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The Mighty Shire River

By Inno Chanza The first European to see the river Shire in Nyasaland was Jasper Boccaro. Boccaro was travelling from Tete to the Indian Ocean in 1616. 💥 Boccaro chose not use the Zambezi river in his return journey to the coast. He carried silver deposits he found at Tete. 🔥🔥 Boccaro travelled through the…


By Andrew Kaponya and Noel Zacharia Hitting the nail on the head is our school of thought. This article is a humble request to African Governments to decriminalize cannabis. Yes, you have heard us right, legalise cannabis! This article is also an earnest call to activists and religious leaders, media practitioners, legal experts, academics, politicians,…

Commemorating Kamuzu Day in 2015

By Mac Neil Kalowekamo BLANTYRE, MALAWI. Malawi commemorated this year’s Kamuzu Day on Thursday the 14th of May with this event still courting mixed reactions and feelings in the multi-party democracy era. 14th May was set as a public holiday to remember and celebrate the life and works of the first president in independent Malawi…