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By Andrew Kaponya and Noel Zacharia Hitting the nail on the head is our school of thought. This article is a humble request to African Governments to decriminalize cannabis. Yes, you have heard us right, legalise cannabis! This article is also an earnest call to activists and religious leaders, media practitioners, legal experts, academics, politicians,…

Burundi on the brink

When Faustin Kobagaya fled his northern Burundi home in March, sneaking through the night to the Rwandan border, he was running from what could soon become another violent chapter in his country’s fratricidal history. As a 10-year-old in 1993, Mr. Kobagaya, a member of Burundi’s Tutsi minority, lost most of his extended family in a…

APM Speech

INTRODUCTION First of all, I would like to extend a special welcome to Your Excellencies and distinguished guests who have travelled from various countries to witness this momentous occasion. I thank you all for coming to Malawi and it is a great honour to have you here. Your presence is a source of inspiration to…