History Of Malawi

Author: Staff Researcher

The history of Air Malawi and its friendliness

By Bruce Sosola. The one-time performing flag carrier Air Malawi enjoyed the skylines in Africa and outside Africa, however, its promising excellence and airborne friendliness were short-lived. At independence in 1964, Air Malawi became a stand-alone airline detached from the Central African Airways (CAA) and wholly owned by Malawi. Air Malawi’s performance peaked between 1974…


By Conleith Selenje The Devlin Commission of Inquiry has been one of the most outstanding commissions set by the British administration in the history of Nyasaland. It was set to mainly investigate the operations of the ‘Operation Sunrise’ and the State of Emergency of 1959 and the continued resistance of the natives to the federation.…

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CULTURAL CONVERSATIONS ON LOCAL LANGUAGES SERIES NO. 2: THE MANG’ANJA PERSPECTIVES. Tonight at 6 PM, series No 2 of the cultural conversations on local languages features a renowned Historian *Mr. Puleni Chilikunzako* who will deliver a lecture on the Mang’anja perspectives towards the Petition on local languages that was submitted to Parliament on 6th October…