History Of Malawi

The Legacy of a Defunct Soccer Club Called Berec Power Pack, Later MDC United.

In Malawi, there was a soccer club called Berec Power Pack which was later renamed MDC United around mid 1980s. This team though defunct, left a legacy on the history of soccer in Malawi. It had players like:

Big Joe (John Dzimbiri), Patrick Pompido Chimulambe, Schubert Kuwali, Chilango Ndalama, Kingsley Maulidi, Brian Malowe Ndau, Francis Jimu, Eric Chikafa, Mwiza Kumwenda, Chawanangwa Kumwenda, Charles Maluwa, William Chidoola, Peterkins Nkunga, Joe Chitsime, Holman Malunga, Clifton Msiya, Mpinga Khondowe, Davious Wasambo, Frank Sinalo, Gerald Phiri, Dan Dzinkambani, Davie Banda, Hendrix Banda etc.

MDC United’s striker Frank Sinalo is among a few players in the history of Malawi soccer who scored exceptionally important goals for the national team (Flames) at most critical moments.

For instance, on 5 April 1987, Frank Sinalo scored a brilliant goal with a scissors kick in Lusaka when the Flames lost to Zambia 3-1. The return match was played on 19 April 1987 in Blantyre. Malawi had to score 2-0 in order to qualify to play at the 1987 All Africa Games  in Kenya in August.

In this match, Frank Sinalo netted a second goal for the Flames with a scissors kick to make it 2-0 which the Flames desperately needed to progress to the final stage of the 1987 All Africa Games.

The following year, on 19 November 1988 in Blantyre during the final match of the CECAFA tournament, Frank Sinalo scored an equalizer with a header against Zambia in the dying minutes to make it 1-1. The Flames went on to win the match 3-1 after extra time and clinched the CECAFA cup for the third and last time.

Another player from MDC United who made an indelible mark in the history of soccer in Malawi and Africa at large, is Clifton Msiya. At the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) in Ivory Coast in March 1984 to which the Flames qualified for the first time, Clifton Msiya scored a magnificent goal for the Flames against Nigeria which became the goal of the tournament. He eventually appeared on the Top 10 FIFA’s Africa Player of the Year for 1984.

Clifton Msiya.

At some point, the coach for MDC United was Henry Moyo and Martin Mpata was the Team Manager.

Some soccer analysts have stated that in 1988/89 season, MDC United under coach Henry Moyo, won the Super League championship and became the first team in Malawi to clinch this championship without loosing any game.

Previously, in 1983, Henry Moyo was the one who took the Malawi National soccer side (Flames) as a coach all the way to qualify for the 1984 African Cup of Nations (Afcon).

Later in 1987, he also worked with the Flames as a coach all the way to qualify for the 1987 All Africa Games.

And again, just as it happened with the 1984 Afcon, he was not the one who traveled with the squad to Kenya in 1987 for the All Africa Games.

This means that twice, Henry Moyo did the ground work as a coach to have the Flames finally make it to appear at the two continental tournaments in 1984 and 1987 respectively, but couldn’t accompany the squads to the final stages of the two tournaments held in March 1984 and August 1987 respectively.

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